The Cosmic Shed

Symphonic Spectaculars and Sonic Screwdrivers

May 30, 2015

In this TARDIS-sized bonus episode, Andrew and Ben report back from the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, and speak to Professor Bruce Drinkwater about the microscopic sonic screwdriver he has helped to develop.

Audience members at the concert chatted to us about why they love Doctor Who, why its popularity has endured, and which aspects of the show they'd like to see in reality.

Bruce talks to Andrew about why researchers are interested in using 'tornadoes of sound' to move microparticles around, and how this could be scaled up to create some of the effects of the Doctor's favourite DIY tool.

The episode also features music from The Ood Cast, a fantastic Doctor Who-inspired show, and contributors to the Nashcast, a podcast that 'knows no limits.'


Ben with two of the kind folk who spoke to us at the Symphonic Spectacular, which took place on 25 May, which happens to be Towel Day.


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Show notes

If you would like to find out more about the microscopic sonic screwdriver, have a look at this Science Daily article.

This picture shows microparticles twisting in an acoustic vortex. Top row shows the experimental observations (0.5 micron particles) and the bottom row the predicted acoustic energy distribution. Credit: University of Bristol

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