Close Encounters of the Third Kind

October 12, 2016

Close Encounters in the Cosmic Shed as we consider what turns out to be one of Ti  and Andrew's favourite films of all time...and left SteveMaddy and Ben a bit less enthralled.

We are delighted to be joined by NASA's Lynn Rothschild, an evolutionary biologist and astrobiologist. Lynn spoke to Andrew about astrobiology, synthetic biology and life in the universe...and at NASA.


Ben pops in for a poem, Steve brings us news of the new Space Race and Maddy find parallels between the work she is doing on proto-life and the work taking place at NASA.

In other words, it's our first full, not live, proper Cosmic Shed episode since June. We're back!

show notes

In the show we chat about Yuri Milner, having misheard Lynn Rothschild when she was talking about Urey-Miller experiments. Fortunately, over on our Facebook page, one of our listeners pointed out our error. Thanks Rusty.

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