The Cosmic Shed

Announcing: The Cosmic Shed Live - Tron-Fest

August 7, 2019

We are delighted to announce Tron-Fest, a double bill of Tron and Tron Legacy at the Winston Theatre in Bristol on November 2nd 2019.


Following on from the success of our live events like An Evening with Andy Weir in the Planetarium and The Wrath of Khan Live, we have decided to revisit an all time classic in Tron and the film with one of, if not, the best soundtrack of all time Tron Legacy. We're delighted to be going to the Winston Theatre in Bristol and cannot wait to test out their sound system!

We will be joined on the day by Dr Pete Etchells, author of Lost in a Good Game as we explore the wonder of the films and whether the headlines we read about gaming being bad for us and to blame for much of society's ills are true...

We're doing it in aid of Special Effect, the wonderful charity who help disabled people to get gaming.

Get your tickets here for just £9.50 (including the venue's booking fee)

More details coming soon but we thought you'd want to confirm your tickets sooner rather than later.

Let your friends know you are going and invite them to come along with our Facebook event