The Cosmic Shed

Door 15 - The Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar

December 15, 2018

It's time to open Door Number 15 of The Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar. Who is behind the door?

As ever, we'll push the identity of today's guest(s) further down the page so you can avoid spoilers and simply press play above and let the surprise fill your ears, like a massive chocolate snowflake.

In order to keep the identities hidden further down the page, here are some photos of some people from Cheltenham Science Festivals Lab Live tour.

Dr Jess Barker and Freaky Clown (Ethical Hackers)

Russell Arnott and Suze Kundu (with someone in costume - no, that's a real moustache)

Left to right: Charli Shephard, Dr Elspeth Kenny, Lizzy Goodger, Russell Arnott, Matthew Tosh, Dr Suze Kundu

This is not an electronic music band.

Behind Door Number 15 (see what we did in the image there?) of The Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar are Russell Arnott, Dr Suze Kundu, Lizzy Goodger, Dr Elspeth Kenny, Freaky Clown, Dr Jess Barker and Matthew Tosh.

show notes

FAO Matthew: Star Wars is a series of films, tv series, books and comics set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Russell was talking to everyone backstage at the Cheltenham Science Festival Lab Live Tour.

Freaky Clown and Dr Jess Barker run Cygenta