The Cosmic Shed

Door Two - The Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar

December 2, 2018

It's Day Two of the Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar and, again, we'll be typing some words here to keep the identity of our guest hidden for those of you who want to have the surprise of the door opening to reveal our mystery guest. If you'd like that surprise, simply click play above or subscribe to The Cosmic Shed and download this episode to your phone and see why we've posted this picture here.

The shed has dived deep into the ocean for today's guest but found him lurking near the surface.

Behind Door Number Two is Russell Arnott, Marine Biologist and Plankton Researcher at the University of Bath. Also, he's a bit of a sci-fi fan. Find out which classic trilogy was missing the middle part for Russell as he grew up in Dubai in the 1980s with only his Betamax tapes recorded from the telly back home in the UK. Discover that plankton is/are really rather more interesting that you might think. 

russell_in_shed.jpgAndrew was so upset for Russell's childhood that he has started trying to build a time machine to go and deliver that middle film (of the Trilogy) to young Russell in Dubai in the 1980s.

Show notes

Russell also collaborates with Incredible Oceans

Russell's voice might be familiar to anyone who has stepped into The Dive Tent, an audio adventure performance piece which Andrew created to take audiences to the deepest part of our oceans.