The Cosmic Shed

Douglas Vakoch on Star Trek Discovery and Contacting Aliens

November 24, 2017

Douglas Vakoch is an American search for extraterrestrial intelligence researcher, psychologist, and president of METI and he joined Andrew to discuss Star Trek Discovery, the Pahvan species and his own attempts, through METI to contact potential aliens (relatively) close to Planet Earth in real life.

What would happen if we did make first contact? Will we really hear anything back from this message?

Douglas and the team at METI have just beamed a radio message out into the Cosmos to let any aliens on a particular planet know that we are here. Not everybody is happy about us letting know aliens are out there. We've all seen science fiction, right? Andrew and Douglas discuss the potential threats and come down very much on one side of the argument...

Show notes

Star Trek Discovery so currently on a mid season break so you might like to take some time out to listen to our other episode on the series with Prof Ethan Siegel