The Cosmic Shed

Gravity Fields

September 27, 2016

Andrew reports back from the Gravity Fields Festival 2016 where he spoke with Simon Singh about maths in the SimpsonsMarek Kukula and Simon Guerrier about the Scientific Secrets of Doctor WhoDallas Campbell about conspiracy theories and a host of other people about topics as varied as storytelling, illustration and how the LHC at CERN is searching for Dark Matter.

Mara Menzies joined Andrew for breakfast and a chat about the other side Isaac Newton while Marcus du Sautoy tells us what we can't know.

Andrew was at the festival with Tom Adams for their show The Apollo 11 Campervan

Tom and Andrew got to float around in the Anti Gravity Box...well, Tom did. He is an astronaut, after all.

show notes

Gravity Fields Festival takes place in Grantham in the UK and celebrates local lad, Isaac Newton.

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