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Michaela Musilova is going back to Mars!

February 13, 2018

Michaela Musilova is a space scientist who has Mars in her sights. One day, she aims to set foot on the Martian surface for real and, unlike the rest of us who dream of that, she stands a pretty good chance. Michaela has been selected to live in an analogue of Mars for 8 months starting in February 2018. She and three other people will be living in this...for 8 (EIGHT) months.


The purpose of the mission is to see how people (astronauts) would cope on a 2 year mission to Mars. This 8 month experiment puts Michaela and her three crew mates in a simulated Mars environment with only supplies that they can take with them from day one or grow or fabricate from materials which would be available on Mars.

Michaela will be sending us, here at the Cosmic Shed, weekly updates from the "Martian surface" and we'll be bringing them to you in our episodes over the next 8 months. We are all just a little bit too excited about that.


Listen out for Michaela in our forthcoming episodes but first, Michaela took time out to chat to Andrew about her forthcoming mission and you can listen to that here, now.

Show notes

Michaela appeared also appeared on our Martian episode back in 2015
Ben popped in for a poem. 


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