The Cosmic Shed

William Gibson Interview

February 5, 2020

The legendary author of the Neuromancer Trilogy, William Gibson joins us for this special episode of The Cosmic Shed. He gave us the term "cyberspace", is widely credited with inspiring much if not all of "cyberpunk". The concept of the Matrix is from his mind and he has won multiple awards for his science fiction writing.

He joins Andrew and Steve to discuss his new novel Agency and what goes into his celebrated works.

Andrew and Steve with William Gibson at Bristol's Festival of Ideas

You'll also hear William's thoughts on the forthcoming, big budget adaptation of his novel Peripheral for Amazon Prime.

show notes

William Gibson was talking to Andrew and Steve at Bristol's Festival of Ideas
They were in We The Curious, where we also tend to do our live events
You can buy William's books here.
Andrew mentions one of our episodes with Andy Weir.

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